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One of every five screws in the United States 
is made with JM tooling.

JM tooling plays an integral role in the US industrial supply chain.  The world's leading fastener manufacturers that supply the automotive, aerospace, industrial, and construction industries depend on JM to produce a significant portion of screws made in the US today.


The following are examples of tooling products we make that are used by fastener companies in our markets.

Carbide and 

High Speed Steel

Carbide Dies

Straight Hole

• Serrated

• Trapped Extrusion

• Impact

• Extrusion

• Washer Faced

• Pointed

• Double Extrusion

• Tri-Point

Die Components

Die Insert

• Punch Inserts

• Quill Inserts

• Upset Inserts

• Cutter Inserts

• Hammer Inserts

• Die Casing

• Upset Casing

• Hex Washer Casing

• Punch Casing

• Upsets

• Trim Dies

• Cut-Off Knives

Licensed Tooling

• ALtracs®




• Cutters (Carbide and Steel)

• Feed Rolls

• Quills

• Blocks

• Knock-Out Pins

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